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A CPF number is a tax registration number which you will require eventually when you purchase a property here in Brazil.
Many websites and agents you visit or speak to will suggest you use their services to acquire one of these, they might charge you, or in the case of others make out it is a laborious process.
If you choose to apply for yourself for a CPF, it is a process you can do in person , you will receive the number which you can use for purchases of certain items in Brazil, and if you would like an official card with your number on it, it will cost you about five Brazilian Reais.

Of course it is good to have a CPF, especially if you start visiting Brazil regularly.

But you do not need it right away, and we will be happy to assist you.
It will take a morning of your time in Natal (with some assistance).
If you prefer, you can apply for a CPF outside of Brazil at the following website:
On this website you will need to fill out a simple form and take it into one of the many Brazilian consulates located throughout Europe and America with your passport and official birth certificate.
To see the list of Brazilian Consulates addresses, click:
It takes roughly two to three months to get your CPF number this way.
You can safely buy a Villa or house without a CPF.
It is more important to do the more important matters ( due diligence and most of all inspection visit ) in a secure way, than to focus too much on the CPF too early.
Having a CPF will not protect you in any way.
You need a CPF once you sell your house or when you go register the property ( deed ).
You do not need it to buy a property or to register your contract ( but it is recommended ).

My House in Paradise offers spectacular Beach Houses at a Top Beach Condominium with all luxury amenities
close to Natal, between the hotspot Maracajau and Gostoso in the booming North East of Brazil ( Rio Grande do Norte ) and
close to the most important international airport of Brazil and Latin-America ( the only city airport by law of Brazil ).
We are the only project to feature mineral water to taps and pool, domestic wastewater treatment and
underground cabling all at the same time. A gated eco condominium offering health and wellness featuring lots of coconut trees and a palm lined beach.
A local micro climate provides us with the best climate of RN and Brazil. Ideal beach and swim climate all year long.

Registering your contract with the notary ( see also notary act ) gives you very early security, for a low price.
In our case this is possible because we are owner and builder at the same time and because you can do business with us directly.

The best national and international real estate agents will represent you on your request.
Secure investment with best value appreciation and return ( all licenses and due diligence in place ).