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Huis aan Zee Natal RN / Villa Cottage

Huis aan Zee Natal RN / Villa Lorenza

Huis aan Zee Natal RN /  Villa 1ste verdiep Classic

Huis aan Zee Natal RN / Villa Maria Huis aan Zee Natal RN /  Villa 1ste verdiep design
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Huis aan het strand Brazilie
Casa de Praia NatalBeach Villa BrazilHuis aan het strand BrazilieVilla de Playa BrasilStrandvilla BrasilienVilla sur la plage BrésilVille al Mare Brasile

Deze getuigenissen zijn in het Engels.
Nochthans zijn 4 van de 8 getuigenissen van Nederlandstalige Eigenaars.
De overige Eigenaars zijn Engels e Italiaans.
We verwachten in de komende weken nog een 3 tal meer getuigenissen en dan zullen we zo snel mogelijk de Nederlandstalige getuigenissen naar het Nederlands omzetten.

click here to see full testimony  of Betty and Theo Livings Gardens Villa Maria Kitchens

Maria V.

click here to see full testimony  of Suzy and Graham Livings Gardens Gardens Villa first floor classic

Karen & Derek O.

Deze website is vollediger en de fotos zijn meer up to date in het Engels
Beach Villa Brazil en het Portugees Casa de Praia Natal.
Gelieve U daar te informeren, met een klik op de Nederlandse vlag bent U meteen terug hier in de Nederlandse site.

Clicking the icons above will give you access to spontaneous testimonies of some of our Owners.
Sometimes it are extracts of e-mails they send to us or to others.

A few are recent Owners, but most are visiting or living in MHIP for years.
Some of them were in your inquiring phase before and wrote to or even met former Owners.
Now they are all friends and make trips, share transport, play cards and enjoy or share other things together.

Several of them are Dutch speaking, but most testimonies here are in English speaking persons.
Some like Betty & Theo and Suzy & Graham provided their e-mails for you to contact them directly.
Others want to work indirectly and wait for us to forward your questions to them until at some point they will exchange and change e-mails or communication with you directly.

Soon we will update these testimonies with more, but also give some more information ( nationality, languages, houses they own ... and probably more e-mails addresses too ).